It’s time to change!

Hello, Fangirl!

I want to thank you for following me until now, this blog has evolved since I started it and due to recent changes in my life I’ve started to take it much more seriously. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to live out of what they like to do? That’s what I’m trying to do now.


Because of this I’ve been away for a few days preparing a brand new home for The Travelling Fangirl and though I’m still getting the hang of it I want to welcome you to my own domain.

Migrating followers is supposed to be easy so, don’t worry I’ll do my best to have you join me in my new place without issues.

Until our next trip together at!


Going home

Hello, Fangirl!

Today is September 1st and for those of us who are Potterheads it means it’s going back to Hogwarts day!

I got the amazing chance to grow up along with Hermione, Harry and Ron and learn about friendship, love, loyalty, courage, resourcefulness, determination and even more about myself.

The years I spent with them helped me go through a lot of personal problems and self-esteem issues and it might not be important for a lot of people out there, but for me and for those of us who love the series it meant the world to be a part of it.

Even more so, whichever book helped you, encouraged you to be a better person, to love yourself, to love the characters and the story; whichever series kept you awake to the early morning hours or late night hours, is HOME too.

As Fangirls we don’t have one life, we have many.

As Fangirls we don’t have one home, we have several.

As Fangirls we don’t love halfway, we love completely.

And yes, what we read, what we watch, what we listen to, what we write, what we draw, what we animate and what makes us believe in different worlds, might be in our heads, but as the great J.K Rowling said:

If you’re a Potterhead, let me know which house you’re in!

If you’re not, tell me which series means HOME to you. I love getting to know new places I might get to call home.

Until our next trip together!


Hello, Fangirl!

So, here I am finally reviewing Ipsy’s July Glam Bag and yes, I do know I should have reviewed the others too, but sometimes you are just not into writing and time passes by and though I know that’s not the point I think that there’s nothing wrong with taking some time to gather your thoughts and come back full charge.


If you’re an Ipster, like me, then you would have noticed that the website underwent over some changes, that’s why my featured image look is different from my previous Ipsy review.

This month’s glambag made me think about Resident Evil’s Umbrella logo, which I guess has to do with being a gamer and loving makeup. If you’ve been following my blog I hope you’ve read about how important it is give Ipsy a chance beyond just one month and don’t make rash decision over issues that might happen; I review them so you can have a better look first hand and try them out.

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Eyebrows speak louder than words

Hello, Fangirl!

As someone who has always had bushy eyebrows I’ve been struggling to find a place where someone would make them look good and natural, but also to be affordable and client centered.

For a while I tried to book an appointment at a specific place, but their customer service and availability for new customers was awful and I had given up until yesterday. A friend of mine found this very forthcoming, price-listing and open to new customers place in Santa Ana.

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Happy Birthday, MJ Da Luz!

Hello, Fangirl!

Today I want to take a very short blog entry to congratulate MJ Da Luz not only because I consider her a very sweet and kind person, but also because she’s a role model to me.

She’s a Costa Rica based artist whose work is always impeccable and filled with love. You might have seen her work, “I Take Children’s Photos From The Internet And Turn Them Into Playful Illustrations“, featured at Bored Panda and, but what you don’t know unless you’ve met her or bought her art is how she’s fiercely dedicated to her work because she loves it and she likes seeing her customers be happy and love what she does for them.

 This is the awesome Daria mug I bought from her, make sure to check out her Etsy store and peruse the cute things she has to offer.

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Don’t forget to also follow her on Instagram and Tumblr to keep up with her lovely work and stop by her Facebook page to wish her a happy birthday!

Until our next trip together.