Have you ever wondered what do they do all day?

Let me introduce you to two of my family members, I love them unconditionally and they are with me in the good and bad things, they sleep with me and I have no problem with sharing my bed with them; even more when they don’t sleep with me I miss them a lot and it’s harder for me to go to sleep.

For people like me this is, I hope, nothing weird nor unheard of. We find them when they’re small or they’re born at our place or close to it, or we might go an adopt them from someone who can’t or won’t take care of them and they just settle in our hearts and become part of our lives. So much that when they’re no longer there we cry and we wish they wouldn’t have to go. They’re family, however much there’s people who dislikes it or think we’re exaggerating, we love them and thinking about them motivates us.

Meet my adorable cats!


A post shared by Sakura Ai (@sakura_ai) on


A post shared by Sakura Ai (@sakura_ai) on

There are a lot of facts about cats that I could tell you and I know there are videos out there that show what cats and dogs do when they’re alone, but I just saw the trailer for The Secret Life Of Pets and it made me think about them and what do they do when everyone is out of the house.

So, here’s the trailer and I hope it makes you think of your pets, of how much you love them and seriously, what do they do all day?

Release date: Summer 2016.


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