Your feet need some love too!

I’ve done two entries talking about how I struggled to love myself and how I’m still there some times, so today I want to follow up some more on that and talk about something that makes me self conscious: my feet.

Sounds silly, overthought, weird and is kind of an icky topic, but ever since I was a little girl I have had some sort of problem with them.  Today I have a condition that makes it hard for me to walk, sit or stay in bed for a long time and I believe that, besides the obvious fact that I am a curvy girl that needs to lose weight, the negativity that I’ve felt over my feet has affected the energy in my body and the pain is a consequence of that.

As part of taking care of myself daily I realized that I need to pay more attention to my poor feet. As a start I decided to give a shot to Foot Peeling.

Our skin can get dry, crackled or hard in our soles, much like accumulating prejudices and we need to get rid of that!

My friend Wanda tried the The Face Shop Smile Foot Peeling pack a few days ago and it got me intrigued so I decided to stop by the store and buy it!


These kits are basically a peeling mask for feet that remove dead skin cells and in a week you’re supposed to have a smooth baby-fresh skin.

Did it work?


How does it work?

1. Inside the package you will find two things:


Peeling liquid pouch.

2. Take out the booties, put your feet inside and, since they are doubled-lined, make sure they go into the inner lining.

3. Open the peeling liquid pack and pour it all inside of the bootie. There are two and they are marked so you don’t mix them up.

4. Tie up the bootie!

5. Lean back on your couch, turn on Netflix, keep your cellphone close, something to snack on while you wait for an hour and half for this to work it’s magic!

6. After the alloted time passes, rinse completely and dry your feet.

7. Nothing will happen! You actually have to wait for about 4-6 days to see your skin start peeling. At the end of that time you’ll notice that your feet feel different.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  •  You’ll feel some tingling and cold. This is normal, don’t panic (I kind of did. xD) and it will go away once you rinse the product.
  • The inside lining will absorb the liquid so it won’t feel like your feet are swimming.
  • You can walk around wearing the booties, but I think it’s better if you just relax for a while.
  • Make sure that none of the liquid gets in your hands and if it does rinse in and don’t touch your eyes.

While I was waiting for the Foot-Peeling process to end I started to think about a few things and in the end I keep coming back to this: beauty is important, taking care of yourself is a must, in the inside as much as the outside. However here is something that sometimes we all forget to do: forgive yourself for all the harm you have inflicted on you.

Think back on those times you’ve treated yourself in an unkind way, meditate on it and start the healing process!


Is this an Unfortunate Event?

“At times the world may seem an unfriendly and sinister place, but believe that there is much more good in it than bad. All you have to do is look hard enough. and what might seem to be a series of unfortunate events may in fact be the first steps of a journey.”
Lemony Snicket

If you have been following the news regarding this awesome and, for me at least, life changing books then you must have read that Netflix announced they’d be taking them to their screen. Now, it doesn’t matter if you read the books first, then watched the movie or if you watched the movie and that lead you to read the books and accompany the Baudelaire orphans on their journey, what matters is that if you are a fan you should watch this very sneaky trailer that showed up during the weekend.

Here are some things to keep in mind after you’ve watched it:

  1. Eleanora Poe, the account it was uploaded to, only has that one video.
  2. She is the sister of Mr. Arthur Poe, who is in charge of the Baudelaire orphans’ affairs.
  3. Netflix doesn’t usually release a trailer so early and without a divulged cast, however this series is different from all others they’ve announced.
  4. Were you too busy to notice since it was the weekend of the 4th of July? This is not an uncommon thing to happen to the Baudelaire orphans.

“I didn’t realize this was a sad occasion.”
Lemony Snicket