Let It Move You

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Yesterday was my first Zumba class and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, however lost I was and the faces I made to myself over the fact that everyone was going right when I was going left I didn’t think for a second that I had to quit just because I was getting things wrong. For me that is a huge step! That is not related to me wanting to quit , but to the fact that I’ve been a little down these past few months and I’ve had a hard time keeping my own negativity in check.

Group classes have never been my cup of tea, mostly because it involves sharing a vulnerable moment with other people and even worse at the gym as I had an awful experience before where I was basically there so people could make fun of the fat one trying to get fit and failing miserably.

With Zumba I had the idea that I was going to be a part of that again, a group of very fit, very perfect people looking for flaws and shortcomings from the rest, but there are three things that helped me through the class:

  1. My attitude towards it. Preconceived notions or not I decided to be oblivious of it, focus on myself and give it a chance.
  2. The instructor. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone with the amount of energy and good vibes he gives. You can tell he enjoys it and in turn you enjoy it too.
  3. Sharing the class with friends and seeing how they liked it helped me realize that it was all about allowing yourself to just try.

Eventually when the class ended and I hadn’t died, which I was really concerned about, I noticed that I didn’t even feel time pass nor did I want to run away and not go back nor did I feel bad about being lost and out of shape. Everyone had such a positive, welcoming vibe that I actually wanted the instructor to keep going.

So, I’m going to let Zumba move me as part of saying Hello ’16, Goodbye ’15.


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