Self-parking chairs?!

Just a few days ago I was talking with my friends about how maybe I won’t get to see a future like the one we’ve seen in cartoons or movies, but it’s getting build as we go on our every day lives by amazing people that envision amazing things that will help make our lives easier. And yes, sometimes, lazier.

If you are the kind of person that stands up from a meeting and pushes your chair back in place then this might be a relief, not because we are lazy and don’t want to push our chairs, but because there are friends and coworkers that don’t do it and it can be a little bit annoying.

To help us visualize how great their self-parking technology is Nissan decided to showcase it with these chairs, it-s the same one they have for their self.parking cars; this office chair is able to make 360-degree turns and zero in on a target location.

Look how cool it looks and, let’s face it, they look very cute too!

They’re controlled via a WiFi network that triangulates each chair and then they move back to where they were as long as no one is sitting on it. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like they will be available to the public anytime soon, as they are supposed to help promote their self-parking car.

Or maybe the chairs will cause such an impact that they will start selling them. Hopefully!

So, do you like them? Would you like to have them in your office? Would your company accept them? Do you think this technology would be benefited if other companies create a partnership with Nissan? Which company would you think should be their partner?


Thanks to The Verge because without their tweet I wouldn’t have known about them.


2 thoughts on “Self-parking chairs?!

  1. Veronica Verona says:

    Yes, PLEASEEEE. Specially because I am always the compulsive freak arranging chairs into the corresponding cubicles. I hate chairs hanging out in the middle of the hallway.
    BUT also,I remember the hassle that I would have to go through when I worked in catering and we had to rearrange tables and chairs between events. Think about the HUGE potential this would have for big parties, conferences, activities… Imagine arranging the tables and chairs in a computer and having these move into place?! HECK YES!

    • Sakura Ai says:

      Absolutely true!
      Leaving the chairs in the middle of the hallway is simply rude. I often wonder why is it so hard to just put it back to where it was.
      The potential is what intrigues me most. How about elderly people or pregnant women or someone with a disability? Maybe the chairs could be used to help them too.

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