Ipsy, give me my money back!!!

I woke up this morning and as the social media addict that I am, no shame in admitting it, I checked Twitter and I found that Women Are Complaining That Their Ipsy Makeup Is Arriving Smashed Or Broken and yes, I had to read it.

As you may know I am a recent Ipsy subscriber and I actually wrote about them in my previous entry hoping it will help you decide if you want to give them a chance or not. Honestly speaking and knowing I’ve failed so far on keeping the blog entries at a steady pace I should mention that I have had two issues with Ipsy  so far.

In my March glam bag I got the Beauty Blush Duo in  Peach Honey by Petra and it was broken into a million pieces like my heart did when I saw it and then my April glam bag was missing from the pink package. I understand the feeling of waiting and waiting for something that ends up being broken or just doesn’t arrive, but from there to feeling like you are being totally ripped off? I think it’s a little bit of a stretch.

Don’t get me wrong! I understand that we’re paying for good, not damaged and definitely not missing products, but sometimes it seems some people lose perspective of things. We’re paying $10, that mean time spend working to earn it and something else we could have bought, but we get five makeup products that usually are worth a lot more than that amount. On top of that Ipsy’s customer service is one of the best I’ve had to contact when something happens; they’re nice and attentive and they resolve the issue right away.

When I contacted them about the Beauty Blush duo they answered my email in less than 10 minutes and when it was about my April glam bag they answered in less than half an hour. They apologized and sent me the items right away.

I would love for all of us to get an awesome experience all the time, but there are always last minute things and accidents. Such is life! Coming from someone who is very prone to anger outbursts I know it’s complicated to not go to social media and rant and there are moments and situations where we shouldn’t stay silent, but others are just a matter of taking a deep breath, reach out through the appropriate channels and then wait.

My recommendation is still the same: give Ipsy a chance and try it for yourself! Make sure you review the items you get in your bag so they can curate the content for the next ones. If after this you think that Ipsy is “a joke” or “I hate all my items” or “I only get two or three that are good” or “they are ripping me off” I would advice you not to renew your monthly or yearly subscription and spend the money on something else you’d rather have.

Take it as a life lesson too: if something or someone is not making you happy, making you feel excited or motivated then why should you keep getting it every day, month or year?