Summer 2016 Beautycon box!

Hello, fangirl!

Welcome back to my blog and join me in today’s beauty related review.

You might not have heard about Beautycon and their subscription box and that’s more than fine, I’m here to help you out with that.

Every season Beautycon pairs up with a makeup guru to and together they curate a box with beauty implements that will help you during that time. My first box was the Spring box where they paired up with Bunny Meyer (Grav3yardgirl), but that review is for another entry.

Inside this box you’ll find 12 must-have summer items and don’t worry if you’re not a summer fan; in my case I’m more of a Winter kind of person, you’ll see that the products included in their biggest box until now will only benefit your makeup collection.

Here’s something you need to know first: time is running out for you to get one as their supplies are not unlimited! You may subscribe for $99 and this is a year subscription or you can pay $29 for just the one and it will be renewed next season unless you cancel it.

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Wine + Ice Cream! A match made in NY

Hello, fangirl!

On a different note for my blog and for a new entry today I want to talk about food! During the course of making a field investigation for one of my classes I stopped by a supermarket and I was looking around when this beautiful ice cream container caught my eye. How could I say no to the idea of ice cream and wine so simply, elegantly and cleverly presented by Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream?

Based in Boonville, NY, they have been making ice creams for over 60 years, but in 2006 they decided to add a spin to their product with real wine and this has earned them awards  and to add to the amazing product it’s amazing for me to learn that in 2013 they became a 100% female owned business.

Now, can you get drunk on this actual wine-infused ice cream? I would say you can, since each ice cream has about 5 percent alcohol by volume, which also means that it should be only for those old enough to drink alcohol. In Costa Rica it means you’d have to 18 years old.

Today I had the chance to try their Ccherry-merlot-mercers-ice-creamherry Merlot and let me tell you what a pleasant experience it was! The taste of the wine is very subtle at the beginning and I recommend you first try it fresh from out the freezer, but don’t eat it yet. Let it melt a little, this way you’ll be able to really taste the wine and the very delicious Bordeaux cherries.

Is Merlot not your kind of wine?  Not to worry! There are nine more options you can try.

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Ipsy’s January 2016 Glam Bag

I bet a lot of judging eyes are on me since it’s almost June and here I am reviewing the January Ipsy Glam bag and, believe me, I’m already judging myself. Severely so.


As you might already know I’m a fairly recent Ipsy subscriber and makeup lover and I want to share my journey with whomever reads my little blog. My first step was not subscribing to Ipsy, but going to Sephora and admit to the cast member that I was a woman who had never taken her time to learn about makeup and I needed to get basically everything. The result was amazing and I was so very pleased that remembering that feeling helped when I decided to subscribe.

I have a year subscription, which I know a lot people see as a risk, but from my point of view is better if you just go all in and then stop thinking about those extra $10 you would have had to subtract the next time you get paid.

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This is the first glam bag I got and honestly, acquiring it for just a month is not really enough to decide if you like Ipsy or not. Like I said before, give it a chance!

Knowing next to nothing about art I would say that this bag’s idea was to make you think of those Pop Art paintings that subsequently make you remember Andy Warhol. That said I think it’s a pretty bag and one worth keeping.

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