Summer 2016 Beautycon box!

Hello, fangirl!

Welcome back to my blog and join me in today’s beauty related review.

You might not have heard about Beautycon and their subscription box and that’s more than fine, I’m here to help you out with that.

Every season Beautycon pairs up with a makeup guru to and together they curate a box with beauty implements that will help you during that time. My first box was the Spring box where they paired up with Bunny Meyer (Grav3yardgirl), but that review is for another entry.

Inside this box you’ll find 12 must-have summer items and don’t worry if you’re not a summer fan; in my case I’m more of a Winter kind of person, you’ll see that the products included in their biggest box until now will only benefit your makeup collection.

Here’s something you need to know first: time is running out for you to get one as their supplies are not unlimited! You may subscribe for $99 and this is a year subscription or you can pay $29 for just the one and it will be renewed next season unless you cancel it.

With each box you get an awesome card with a portrait of the season’s guru that you can


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keep in your collection, not only because it’s a way for you to remember what you got, since it’s got the list in the back, but also to have a piece of art on your wall!

This time Kandee picked Maria Björnbom Öberg, a Swedish artist who lives in Östersund who uses her youtube channel to post her painting’s time-lapses and unboxings. Check out her video for the one you’ll find in this box!

The size is the one you see in this picture I uploaded and if you have a bulletin board (which I still have to get. xD) this will look really nice pinned there!

My favorite part of the drawing is the lipstick next to the donut. It’s pretty and it also makes me a little hungry.

Keep in mind the card has a different order for the items, I listed them from the one I liked the best to the one I liked the least.

Let’s talk about the money, money, money!

Price of the box: $29 (this one includes 12 products) or $24.75 if you get the year long subscription.
Total value: $202.66 (approximately)

Come back and let me know if you got it or if you’d rather wait until next season! If you review it I’ll be more than happy to read or watch your impressions, just leave a comment below.

Until our next trip together!


3 thoughts on “Summer 2016 Beautycon box!

  1. bernard25 says:

    Bonsoir ou bonjour
    Toi mon amie ou mon ami
    Tu remplis mes jours de joie
    Le matin à mon réveil , tu seras présent au cours de ma journée
    Belle Amitié entre nous , tu ouvres mon cœur
    Tu me donnes ce que j’ai envie par tes petits messages
    Des fois je souries quand je suis mélancolique
    Bises passe une belle journée ou soirée

    Profite de la semaine à venir

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