11 reasons why you should watch Stranger Things

Hello, Fangirl!

Something arrived on July 15, it brought nostalgia, great music, science fiction, mystery and a D&D campaign you should join, if you haven’t done that yet!

Is the trailer not enough to entice you to order take out or cook something before you sit in front of your TV and watch it? Then keep on reading as I give you 11 reasons why you should watch Stranger Things.

10. In Netflix we trust

They have given us our fair share of great original series and also provided us with access to lots of other content that is worth watching. As you can see from the trailer you get a complete and great flashback to the 80’s as they’ve paid attention to detail and the cast really goes along with the quality they’ve kept with the ambiance of the series.

Though the series might not be your genre I would ask you to give a chance to the first episode. Get into the mystery from episode one and help the characters grasp what is going on.


9. Let them take you back!

There are a few series out there that take you back to the 80’s, but Stranger Things was a flashback from beginning to end. Not only do they make you feel like you are part of the 80’s, but also tickles our nostalgia by paying homage to several 80’s films and shows. They tap into that awesome magic that the Amblin films gave us during that time and give it to us in a very awesome way.

Here’s a list of the shows it made me think about:

  • Species
  • The Twilight Zone
  • The Monster Squad
  • Escape to Witch Mountain
  • Twin Peaks (Though I’ve never watch all the series)
  • The Terminator
  • The X-Files
  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  • Invasion of the Body Snatchers
  • Carrie
  • Super 8
  • ET

I’m pretty sure I’m missing a few, but keep in mind that I don’t live in the US, which reminds me that I should also mention that this show will make you think of Stephen King as you can see that the Duffer Brothers got inspiration from his work and added a pinch of H.P. Lovecraft.


8. Owns and holds up to itself

Influences aside, Stranger Things as the ability to not only make us think of the past but secure it’s own spot in our minds by crafting its own mythology and combining horror, science-fiction and coming-of-age drama into one thing . As such they managed to create a world that showcases one of the best things about the shows it learned from: there’s empathy and curiosity for what happens but also about each other and how they get to the end mixes up perfectly with learning and growing.

7. I bingewatch, you bingewatch, let’s all bingewatch!!!

As you might already know by now Netflix’ shows get to be uploaded in complete seasons and Stranger Things is no exception and you know what that means! Schedule a time with your friends, get some food and sit down to enjoy all the episodes!

  • Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers
  • Chapter Two: The Weirdo on Maple Street
  • Chapter Three: Holly, Jolly
  • Chapter Four: The Body
  • Chapter Five: The Flea and the Acrobat
  • Chapter Six: The Monster
  • Chapter Seven: The Bathtub
  • Chapter Eight: The Upside Down

This series managed to balance the quality and quantity of episodes. You don’t need more and you don’t need less. You get exactly the amount you need to get sucked into the story, not be bored and actually want more.

By the end of the series I hope you’d want a second season as much as I do.

6. Sometimes all you need is music

I’m a firm believer that music is one of the best things that humankind has come up with; sure, there are a few genres that I totally hate as I don’t consider them music and there are others that are not to my taste, but can’t deny that are good and this series has an amazing soundtrack.

Unfortunately I’m sure I’m missing a few here as I wasn’t completely able to identify them, if you know which ones I am missing, please, leave me a comment!

Keep in mind the very eerie, captivating  synth-laden opening theme that was created by 2008 Austin founded S U R V I V E (Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein) which calls onto you to keep watching after those awesome credits.

5. Winona Ryder, Winona Ryder, Winona Ryder

Truth be told I’ve never been much of a fan, but her portray as Joyce Beyers, the mother of the child that goes missing in episode one is really good. Not only as the frantic worried mother, but also as the believer of how he is alive and how despite how strange things get knows without a doubt that her son is alive and waiting for her.

And let’s face it, do you want 80’s nostalgia? Have Winona Ryder be part of the cast!

4. Who are they?

I didn’t know any of the kids, never heard their names nor seen them anywhere I can remember, which for me made it even better!



The interaction between the kids show a great friendship among all of them and it sets the pace for what will come when they are playing Dungeons & Dragons and that’s what won me over from the start.

I’m not versed in D&D as much as I would like, but I’ve played and I love the feeling of creating, growing and learning about your character or characters and their adventures. Their child minds need an explanation about what is going on, where is Will, how did he end up there and how to rescue him, and for that they have a game that allows them to understand in a context they know about.

What they know from their experience is simple, their friend is lost and in their game the place where you get lost is the Vale of Shadows, but what is it?

“The Vale of Shadows lies only a few hours northeast of Kuldahar — the Vale is a great canyon of crypts and tombs, some of them dating back centuries. Shadows cling to the walls of the canyon, even in the brightest day, and some of the shadows walk, carrying their burden of hatred and hunger with them. Beware this place.”

In this the kids actually a better grasp of what it could be than the myriad of scientists that are involved in what happens in Hawkins, Indiana where the series takes place. Moreover they are honor bound to rescue their friend who during a campaign chose to protect all of them instead of just himself.

3. Dustin

All of the kids are amazing, but among them I have to point out how amazing Gaten Matarazzo is!


Dustin is the voice of reason, the comic relief and the glue that keep the kids together in the end. Besides he’s the one that keeps them focused on the big picture while paying attention to detail.

2. The Monster and the Man in the Suit

As viewers we know that what waits in the shadows and hunts the inhabitants of this town is an alien, but the characters don’t know and we get to join them in their journey to find out what is happening around town.

However this Alien, that the kids call The Monster and is played by Mark Steger, is not the only creepy lurker in the show, we also have Matthew Modine who portrays Dr. Brenner and doesn’t talk much and this makes way more off putting.

1. Eleven

After Will’s disappearance HER appearance is the next mystery. Where does she come from? What can she do?

For me it was very interesting to see her be a child that was in a many ways making adult decisions that she shouldn’t be making, but she still remained a kid that just wants to be exactly that.

She has superpowers that made me think about her being a mutant, probably because I watched X-Men: First Class a few days before, but name aside her character is at the center of the situation at hand and through her is how the kids learn quite a bit of what is happening.

BONUS: These lights


Have you watched it yet? Were you planning to? Let me know in a comment what you thought about it.

Until our next trip together!


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