Eyebrows speak louder than words

Hello, Fangirl!

As someone who has always had bushy eyebrows I’ve been struggling to find a place where someone would make them look good and natural, but also to be affordable and client centered.

For a while I tried to book an appointment at a specific place, but their customer service and availability for new customers was awful and I had given up until yesterday. A friend of mine found this very forthcoming, price-listing and open to new customers place in Santa Ana.

Pink Me Up is located just 19 minutes by car from downtown San José, if traffic is low; their locale is everybit pretty as it is classy and comfortable for their customers. Though not as big as other places which might restrict their space to have people waiting, they’ve taken that into count and arranged their appointments so you don’t have to wait outside of the locale.

We did have to wait as they weren’t done with the previous appointment, but the wait wasn’t long and they kindly offered us some Rosé for two of us and water for my other friend.

Now, are you ready for the comparison between what my eyebrows looked like and how they look now?  The before was taken just a few minutes before I had them done and the after was taken this morning.


I didn’t have them tinted as it wasn’t really necessary, though they offer that service too, but maybe you’re looking for other services and not just eyebrows? Don’t worry! Check out their menu, along with how much is it for each.


Found something you like? Make sure to head to their webpage to book an appointment.  or call (506) 4034-6157. Keep in mind their schedule is Tuesday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Do you have any questions?  Head over to their Facebook page and send them a message.

Finally, don’t forget to also follow them on Instagram.

If you decide to go let them know I sent you and leave me a comment with your opinion!

Until our next trip together!


10 thoughts on “Eyebrows speak louder than words

    • Sakura Ai says:

      It baffles me when they do that! For a moment seems like they forget that customer experience is about how you feel from beginning to end. That we pay for a service at the end doesn’t mean it was outstanding. =P

      • Sakura Ai says:

        I’ve worked in the customer service area for 15 years and now that I’m currently unemployed it angers me even more.
        People should take care of the job they have.

      • mynovemberblog says:

        Oh I know it is so frustrating! I am a hairdresser and I would not have my clients, if I treated them the way I have been treated. No matter how good at your job, they shouldn’t treat people like nothing.

      • Sakura Ai says:

        It’s always nice to read that people with businesses really think about their customers! Congratulations to you.
        Living in another country it makes it complicated for me to go to your place, but if you have social media accounts I’d be happy to check them out.

      • mynovemberblog says:

        Oh yeah of course hopefully there will be more people that will be kinder, you never know ha. I don’t really post my work on social media, I am just starting to post it on here. There are so many amazing people that can do such great hair styles, that I don’t like to share mine very much when you see comparison I will one day 😊

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