That’s perfect, because that’s what you’ll find here!

This little blog of mine started as a personal one, somewhere I could go and write about what I like or dislike. It’s growing more and more to be a place where it’s still personal, but will also be beneficial for other fangirls (or fanboys!).

I believe life is made of different things, small little moments or things that make this journey so interesting and rich; in which case I wouldn’t be true to myself if I just talked about one side of me, therefore you’ll find an assorted range of blog entries. From makeup reviews to personal topics. Other things I believe in?

  • Honest reviews that come from the heart. I know lots of people think that if you are doing a review about something then you are already biased, but let me assure you that if I didn’t like something, no matter if it’s something I’m a fan of I’ll try my best to give perspective to it.
  • That bullying someone because of ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation or body type is awful. Nevertheless I also believe that starving/over exercising yourself to fit a standard is a very big no-no.
  • Happiness, respect and love is something we all deserve, but also something we should nurture and care. Demanding it just because… eh, how about no?
  • Cloudy, windy, breezy days along with a cat as your companion, a good cup of tea, good music, books, series, game or a movie are an awesome way to relax!


I’m a Costa Rican born and bred fangirl who has been blogging for years. Spectacularly irregular too. I’ve had a few blogs here and there in Spanish and English for years, from back when blogging was not even a thing to today, but never really got to take it as seriously as I should.  As of now my life is reshaping again and I decided to go back to blogging and do my best to keep it up.

My use of the word fangirl  comes from a day I sat down to think about it and over the years we’ve seen either of the words are used as derogatory terms, but in all honesty I don’t think it should and so I decided to reclaim the word as a good thing.

If you want to know about about the different topics I write about, join me in my journey over this amazing thing we call life and let’s fangirl together!

Wait! Join me in my journey before you go!

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