Going home

Hello, Fangirl!

Today is September 1st and for those of us who are Potterheads it means it’s going back to Hogwarts day!

I got the amazing chance to grow up along with Hermione, Harry and Ron and learn about friendship, love, loyalty, courage, resourcefulness, determination and even more about myself.

The years I spent with them helped me go through a lot of personal problems and self-esteem issues and it might not be important for a lot of people out there, but for me and for those of us who love the series it meant the world to be a part of it.

Even more so, whichever book helped you, encouraged you to be a better person, to love yourself, to love the characters and the story; whichever series kept you awake to the early morning hours or late night hours, is HOME too.

As Fangirls we don’t have one life, we have many.

As Fangirls we don’t have one home, we have several.

As Fangirls we don’t love halfway, we love completely.

And yes, what we read, what we watch, what we listen to, what we write, what we draw, what we animate and what makes us believe in different worlds, might be in our heads, but as the great J.K Rowling said:

If you’re a Potterhead, let me know which house you’re in!

If you’re not, tell me which series means HOME to you. I love getting to know new places I might get to call home.

Until our next trip together!


Hello ’16, Goodbye ’15

I’m not really sure who reads my blog and sometimes it feels like Julie when she’s writing about her plans to cook all the recipes that Julia Child wrote in  Mastering the Art of French Cooking. I mean, is there anyone out there reading the few entries I’ve made? Then I think about John Watson and how his therapist tells him that writing a blog would help him.

That’s why I’m going to write more this year and try to keep up a good rhythm. I know it sounds like a resolution, but it isn’t. Why? Because I don’t usually make new year resolutions and I’m awful at keeping up with them, so instead I decided to make just one resolution that engulfs all the resolutions that could make a very long list.

This is the year I will be STRONGER for myself, BRAVER to tackle all obstacles in my way, KINDER to myself (inside and outside) and UNSTOPPABLE in my self-love. This year I will be FIERCE.

As a part of this new overall resolution that engulfs the rest I decided to take on the 2016 Reading Challenge on Goodreads as I’ve postponed a few books from 2015. but I decided to start all over again with Forever Red by Margaret Stohl. This book tells the story of one of my favorite Marvel characters, Black Widow and so far I like it very much! If you like young adult books and amazing kick ass women give this book a chance.

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I didn’t take the challenge last year, because I didn’t think I’d make it to half the amount of books I’d pledge, however this year I realized is not about rushing to end it, but about enjoying the path that gets me there.

Goodbye 2015, I learned a lot and enjoyed a lot during those 365 days.

Hello 2016, a new adventure awaits!

Is this a good time to pat your shoulder?

We’ve all heard the “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” sentence more than a few times in our lives and I’ve always thought that it’s a good thing to follow it, but when I bought them I decided to ignore it because the covers are so pretty that I wanted them in my collection.

Since I’m bed ridden due to surgery I decided to invest my time in reading a few of the books that I bought the weeks before I had to have my gallblader and a tumor removed from my right leg. I’d read and heard that the books were awful, but honestly after Twilight, House of Night and Beautiful Disaster I thought nothing could be worse and I was right, these are not as bad as those, however they’re not good either.

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The Selection Series by Kiera Cass was explained to me as a mixture of THG with The Bachelor and I’m a sucker for dystopian settings and look at the dresses in the covers! Yes, yes, I was kind of easy with that.

Honestly I wasn’t expecting much of them and it’s good thing I didn’t, because though The Selection is mildy entertaining I found it lacks enough interesting and solid background to be in the dystopian category and the main character is way too much of a Mary-Sue to be likeable. At least Katniss has the decency of being interesting.

Spoiler alert: If after what I wrote you still want to read them then stop reading here!

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Is this an Unfortunate Event?

“At times the world may seem an unfriendly and sinister place, but believe that there is much more good in it than bad. All you have to do is look hard enough. and what might seem to be a series of unfortunate events may in fact be the first steps of a journey.”
Lemony Snicket

If you have been following the news regarding this awesome and, for me at least, life changing books then you must have read that Netflix announced they’d be taking them to their screen. Now, it doesn’t matter if you read the books first, then watched the movie or if you watched the movie and that lead you to read the books and accompany the Baudelaire orphans on their journey, what matters is that if you are a fan you should watch this very sneaky trailer that showed up during the weekend.

Here are some things to keep in mind after you’ve watched it:

  1. Eleanora Poe, the account it was uploaded to, only has that one video.
  2. She is the sister of Mr. Arthur Poe, who is in charge of the Baudelaire orphans’ affairs.
  3. Netflix doesn’t usually release a trailer so early and without a divulged cast, however this series is different from all others they’ve announced.
  4. Were you too busy to notice since it was the weekend of the 4th of July? This is not an uncommon thing to happen to the Baudelaire orphans.

“I didn’t realize this was a sad occasion.”
Lemony Snicket

I love Sansa Stark

sansa-stark-hbo-game-of-thronesLet me come out and say it: Sansa Stark is one of my favorite characters from Game of Thrones, both the books and the series. Every time I say that she is in my top five along with Tyrion, Little Finger, Daenerys and Margaery I get this very puzzled looked of “why?”

It is not a secret that, even after what happened to her in her wedding night with the sadistic twisted Ramsay Bolton, she is still a hated character. I remember reading the books and having a strong sense of why is it that living in such an awful world, filled with treachery, blood, war, broken promises and men who disregard women this girl, this character doesn’t repel me? Why do I feel drawn to her, this Westerosi little bird when everyone is such a great fan of Arya Stark?

At first I thought I pitied her, but the more I read, the more I understood her and about myself I came to the realization that I love her precisely because she is that last shred of child-like naivete that Arya, in her tomboyishness doesn’t have. Don’t get me wrong! Arya is a great character and her fan base is entirely justified. We all know what she’ll become and how amazing it is that she does.

arya-stark-sansa-stark-game-of-thrones-season-oneYes, at the beginning Sansa was utterly utterly silly, bratty and her belief in romance, princes, castles and clothes was frustrating, especially when we know how much of an ass Joffrey was, but it seems we forget that she doesn’t know it, that she desperately wants to believe in a bright, sunny future where she can fulfill the role she was taught since she was a little girl. I guess I should add that I don’t blame Sansa for how naive she was, I blame Catelyn Stark.

So, what’s the issue with Sansa? Why do people hate her? It turns out it’s for something that I used to hate myself for. A lot of people hate her because she dares to be a girl in a fantasy world where we expect women to be the “strong, badass, female character” we can all root for, encourage to go back to claim what is hers “with fire and blood” or by being a very clever political player.

Despite what you might think Sansa isn’t the only one who has shown that being naive is counterproductive. Didn’t Rob marry for love and forgot his duty? I don’t remember an outrage against him when he basically got everyone killed because he fell in love, he believed in romance, in a happy ending, being king with the lady he loved by his side and a baby on the way. On the other side we have Ned Stark, his adherence to the nobility he was taught to believe in was is downfall, his honor helped events play an awful card for him. Isn’t that the same system Sansa followed? The same she was taught to honor and keep?

I’ve said so many times to my friends that for me she is one of the strongest characters in the books and the show. Even amongst all that has happened to her she still keeps that innocence she had when she was 11 years old and was promised to Joffrey.

sansa-stark-game-of-thrones-black-dressIn the ASOIAF women are presented with two choices: you either learn how to work the established system from within, which is what Cersei and Margaery do or you fight it from the outside, which is what Arya, donning in boy’s clothes, taking a sword and killing does or what Daenerys will have to do eventually when she (FINALLY!) reclaims her rightful throne.

My deepest belief, and I hope George Martin doesn’t dismiss this, is that Sansa will be the middle ground of both sides. People still believe she is this scared, little caged bird that needs protection, but her strength lies precisely in the fact that when other people has died, when they’ve had to run she’s endured, she remains. The North Remembers and she’s no exception. She’s not ruthless, she doesn’t wield a sword, but she wields a different kind of power: she survives and thrives where other character’s would have failed.